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A snippet of description: The Tree

I am in college and I don’t always have time to work on anything outside of school, so it may take a while for me to really get into the groove of blogging regularly.  I am taking a creative writing course, and we’ll be writing one short story and a handful of poems this semester, so I will probably post those at some point.  Meanwhile, so you know I haven’t forgotten about you, I’m sharing a short description I wrote as part of another story I’m working on. Enjoy!


Behind the old clergyman’s modest home, and out beyond a ramshackle gardening shed, stood a peculiar tree.  It canted away from the chain-link fence constructed along the back boundary of the yard, and reached its twisting, interweaving branches to the midnight sky.  Its cavernous mouth, carved into its trunk by the voracious appetites of a thousand termites, bellowed to an absent audience, and the tree’s rotted, biting skin glimmered in the light of the full moon.  There was no good reason for a wretched plant like this to continue to live in such a miserable condition, but it did.  Every spring it would sprout new leaves; every fall the leaves would turn and fall to earth.  and so on.  Had someone taken a moment to regard the tree with anything more than a passing interest before the events which follow occurred, he or she may have wondered what cruel force kept it alive.


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