About Me

Merchickety is an alien from a distant planet. The name of her planet is impossible to write or pronounce in English, so she tells people she’s from “Missouri” as it’s the closest possible pronunciation to the real name.

On “Missouri,” Merchickety was a very famous writer.  Her first novel, Snorkblx ivs Xuntrils, was an instant bestseller.  Her follow-up novels, Hrrkyr, Morkty tuk Yekl, and  Hierketrk Forkla, were even more successful.

Unfortunately, upon arriving on Earth in 1989, Merchickety found that the ultra-realistic and dry tastes of her home planet were not as appealing here.  However, upon familiarizing herself with some of the literature of Earth, Merchickety fell in love with Earth’s fantastic stories and felt called upon to write in the style of her new culture.  She now makes an effort to read and write whenever possible.

When reading, she enjoys horror, fantasy, science fiction, historical fiction, poetry, and love stories.  She also enjoys reading the occasional non-fiction book, especially if it involves science, skepticism, history, or writing.

When writing, she prefers to write horror, fantasy, and poetry.


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