They come in the night,
Carrying deceit in one hand and corruption in the other
Violation is their goal
They reach inside your throat,
the acid from their fingers melts away your voice
They watch you try to scream,
laugh at your pathetic attempt.

To see the anguish in your eyes is their pleasure
Where they touch you, your skin rots and your flesh becomes putrid
They might stop if only you could tell them to
Tell them no and they might go away forever,
Just say no, but everything is silent.

They make you their toy, their doll
Make you pretty, make you serve
All you can do is let them ruin you,
make you less, make you one of them.
Replace your skin with porcelain, and
shatter you on the floor.
Reach their hands inside you,
take out what they want,
put in what they want,

No choice.

Pain is all you know
You’d beg for death
if only you could speak.
Do as they say, don’t fight
Don’t make it worse.

and when they leave
they’re never really gone.
They lie in wait and watch
ready to punish
for the smallest misstep,
Gleeful for the excuse
to play with their doll.


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