Why Wraith Weaver

Why Wraith Weaver?*

It’s an odd name for a blog.  Even if you know what my plans are for this blog- as a place to post my fiction and poetry and thoughts and opinions and whatever else catches my fancy- it still doesn’t explain itself, does it?

What is a Wraith?  Some define it as a ghost or apparition.  A wisp or vestige of something which was but no longer is.  Sometimes I think of writing in these terms.  Someone tells you a story: if it’s factual, no words will ever make an event repeat in front of you, no matter how good the writer is. If it’s fictional, then he or she is trying to express something which they can only find a close approximation for.

When I write, it is not the flesh of the thing I’m giving you; it is only a trace of that which was or is, because that is the best I can do. When I write, I am weaving a ghostly cloth from threads of experience and imagination.

That is why this blog is named Wraith Weaver.**

* (because it sounded cool)
** (also, it sounded cool)


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